Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Soul, The Spirit & The Body (V)

For the sake of clarification, I will refer to the things we desire to happen to us as "the attractive" and the things we do not wish upon ourselves as "the unattractive". When our soul is underdeveloped, we find that we are unable to control what we attract to ourselves, which is more often than not the unattractive. This lack of control is why we're very prone to believing that the Devil has visited the evil upon us. I will say here again that the enemy we are so flustered about is the untrained, underdeveloped part of us.

All the things that we know, understand and believe make up a very small percentage of all that there really is, in just the same way that we use up a very small percentage of our true brain capacity. All that we know make up the cognitive part of our existence. But there's so much more about our existence that we do not know. This cognitive part helps us control only a small fraction of our day-to-day lives. For example, knowing that you have a certain amount in the bank helps you control the parts of your life that fall within that range, be they many or few. Knowing how fit you are physically helps you control your reaction in times when defense is needed. With your knowledge, you are able to attract certain things to a quality of life because of what you own, or a particular reaction from an attacker when you show that you're able to defend yourself. In other words, our cognitive self (that which we know of ourselves) attracts these things to us. If it's knowing that you have money somewhere, it also attracts things like taxes and bank charges. You don't tax a man on money he doesn't own. If it's knowing you have a car, it also attracts constant fueling, servicing, and obeying of traffic rules (not to mention fines, when not in compliance with the rules). A man who doesn't own a car doesn't attract these things to himself.

Now, there are certain things that come to us that are beyond our control. These things, whether you believe it or not, have a lot to do with what we do not know about ourselves, and this forms a greater part of our existence, far greater than what we already know. These are the things of which we say, "I really didn't see this one coming!" And the truth is, not-knowing does not really stop things that are beyond our control from coming to us.

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