Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Soul, The Spirit & The Body (IV)

I am not going to climb a mountain as high as Everest just to show the world that I can do it, no matter how beautiful that snapshot will look when taken. I'm moving in a certain direction, and whatever does not lie in that path really doesn't matter much to me. If I'm truly moving in the Everest direction, then it'll be because that's what I ought to do, as I believe in my soul. Too often we get caught up in what other people think we should be doing, regardless of who they are and how well we think of them, and then we end up losing sight of what we really ought to be doing.

I've had deep and profound epiphanies in the past that have prompted me to take the decisions that I made at those times. Those were the times I made decisions by myself, for myself, and chose to take my life's journey in certain directions. Those epiphanies are why I cannot blame anyone for the outcomes of the moves that I made, not even myself; they were also the truest experiences I've ever had (See, blaming someone else is like entering into a casket alive. And blaming yourself is like nailing that casket shut. As humans, it's easier for us to cry over spilt milk and feel sorry for ourselves. Falling victim to this kind of response makes us forget that we will get milk again, because we believe in something bigger than ourselves. So the earlier we get up and stop feeling sorry for ourselves about the spilt milk, the better we can think on how to prevent a spillage the next time). These epiphanies are things you just know and most certainly are unable to explain to yourself or another at the time of knowing. Use them to find out as much as you can about the situation or phase as it pertains to you; it's your life, and that means no one else is going to do that for you. No one actually can, to be honest, no matter how much they love you. And this is not a quest for you to spend all your time alone in your privacy or in much as it is a quest for you to open up your heart, regardless of where you are, to the never-ending possibilities of understanding yourself better, thereby enlightening and further developing your soul. And every hungry soul shall be filled.

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