Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Soul, The Spirit & The Body (III)

This whole journey called life in this realm is all about the soul. It's not really about the spirit because the spirit is already in full understanding of life, and always knows all things, as said before. The spirit is always content; there isn't anything more for it to want because it possesses all things. The spirit is all it will ever be. The spirit is always God. We will not become any more spirit than this, or any less either, as some have made us believe in days gone by (We can of course become more spiritual, but that truly means we become more aware of ourselves, and therefore less swayed by the flesh). The spirit is the constant guide to the soul; and at the end of the day, it will return to the Source.

It's also not at all about the flesh either, because the flesh will perish with this mortal realm. It cannot exist anywhere else other than this realm. And like the spirit, we are not going to be any more flesh than we already are, or any less. We will always feel hungry, always feel thirsty, always feel physical pain, always have to pass out waste from the body, always feel cold when we're exposed to lower temperatures and always feel hot when exposed to heat. These things will never change as long as we're alive...and this makes the flesh very fickle and susceptible to any changes around us. It would also be very unwise of anyone to spend all their valuable resources taking care of the flesh far more than is necessary, because it is not the real us.

What is (or should be) constantly growing and developing as we grow older is the soul. The soul will always be us, always. It is the essence of us that is able to touch both the mortal and the immortal realms. It connects with the spirit, enabling us be a part of spiritual affairs of all powers and depths beyond what the eyes can see, and with the flesh, enabling us respond to all the various stimuli around us, and with a lot more feeling than animals too, I might add. The soul has the ability to see far beyond what the physical eyes ever could, but that is truly only possible if it is subjected to training by the spirit. Otherwise, it will be as dull and as "blind" as the flesh, except in those sporadic moments of gifted insight, which are more often than not, too quick and too infrequent to depend on solely. And when continuously trained, the soul will eventually begin to see as the spirit sees...which is eternally.

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