Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Spirit, The Soul And The Body (VI)

It is "unattractive" because we do not like it; because it frustrates the hell out of us; because we do not know as yet why it happened or is happening. It is not necessarily evil on its own; it's just how we see it, and this is entirely based on how much of our soul is developed at the time of its happening.

We don't know it all; we only know it one step at a time... like a night rider who has a long journey ahead of him but only sees as far as his headlights allow. But in the times when we really don't know, it is the development of our souls that has occurred so far that will help us understand the situation at hand and subsequently know what to do. No matter how much about life you've grasped so far, there is so much more that is yet to be grasped.

People who have discovered (and are developing) themselves in life, spiritually and mentally, always tell us that the problems that come to us in life have within them the potential of making us better persons; in other words, developing souls. These problems are often described as sandpaper. If problems have the potential of bringing out the best in us, should they then be considered evil? Not at all, but it doesn't make them any less unattractive.

When problems come to us, after a while they lose their ability to hurt us. But that only happens when we do not resist them or find ourselves constantly struggling with them. Many times we don't know how long a problem will last. When problems like these come, we've got to let them, not fight them. But strangely enough, this is a message one can preach only to oneself, for it is far easier said than done. How we see our problems will decide what we make of them, and that in turn depends on how far the development of our souls has gotten over time. Our world's educational system is a perfect analogy for this. You have to be tested on what you know, or what you think you know; and only then can the institution justify what level you're in. The easiest way to find out what you know, or are capable of, is always a test.

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