Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good, Evil, God And The Devil (IV)

God has no opponent, no rival, no equal and no superior. God is the power on both sides; the yin and the yang; the black, the white and every color in between. God does not play dice with the universe. God does not attempt to outsmart God, or go into battle with God (because that in itself is impossible). God knows where a tree is going to grow, how big it's going to be and what the fruits produced will look like...long before the seed is even in the ground.

Spirituality is about discovering God, knowing more about God...and this journey begins from within you. You don't take one aspect of spirituality and base everything else on it. God's nature, the entirety of which is really impossible for the human mind to grasp, is not based on any one thing. God is experienced through prayer. And prayer is not an act (definitely not the kneeling down and clasping our hands ritual that we've been made to believe for so long). It is the opening of yourself to Divinity, spiritual and infinite; and it doesn't depend on what position your body is in. You don't discover God for any reason less than that; God is not mocked or deceived. You also do not discover God deciding with a particular intent in mind. You come to God on God's terms, not yours or what you think God's terms are. God is like a master conductor who's creating the perfect harmony from a blend of voices and instruments. Any voice or instrument that sounds higher or lower than expected, or is out of key altogether, threatens the harmony of the choral and the conductor cannot have that. Come with an open mind, expecting to understand more about yourself, more about your life and the relationships within it, and more about what you need to do to live your best self.

There's a reason why everything that's happening to you is happening exactly the way it is. Discover God...for only in this experience will you find the answers you're looking for (and we're all looking for answers). And when you do, you will also come to realize this most profound and deeply exhilarating truth: the voice of God never condemns.

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