Monday, February 21, 2011

Good, Evil, God & The Devil (I)

All the potential for good and for evil lie within each one of us. Just as out of a man can come such good, likewise out of the same man can come such evil. The side of this double-edged sword that we decide to use depends on whom we have chosen to become, starting from the time when no one is watching. It's amazing how over time we've come to blame the Devil for the evil that we find ourselves expressing from time to time. This is not at all surprising. The concept of the Devil was a very easy way for man to stop being responsible for his actions & words, and subsequently blame someone (anybody) else for whatever he has done or as a result, brought upon himself. And because of this age-old blame game, we do not see that we have simply activated the Law of Attraction and are therefore under its influence; or that we are the result of what we think in our heart over and again; or that we say one thing and really believe something else. As a result of this, our minds are terribly under-developed & untrained, and all we're doing is getting older & more foolish. An enemy has done this, yes. But the enemy is within us, not without. Then comes the question, "How then can good and evil reside in one entity?" The answer is, that's how we're wired; that's how we began.

Time and again, captivating moments consisting of the written, the read, the spoken, the heard & the felt, have tried to help us understand this truth, whether we are aware of those moments or not, that God is the source and origin of all things...everything. Everything seen and unseen, mortal and immortal, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, wet and dry, modest and outrageous, quiet and loud, sexy and naive, big and small, dangerous and harmless, savage and tame, sweet and bitter, bright and dull, comes from God. Everything we like and do not like, everything we understand and do not understand, everything we know and do not know (and there's a whole universe of stuff that we still do not know about) comes from God. The moment we say "everything except this or that", then we strip God of a title that was never even needed to be given in the first place. And if we attempt to decide what is and isn't a part of everything, then we begin to lie to ourselves about who God truly is. And then we take the next step and begin to teach others those lies about God that we've begun to believe. This begs the following question, "What exactly do we believe about the God whom we profess to wholeheartedly believe in?"

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